Sunday, March 18, 2012

NAEA '12 // NYC

feb 29th - march 4th.
national art education association conference. 
the hilton, manhattan, new york. 

i have made the decision to split up my new york trip into two posts. this one will be on what i saw and experienced, and the next one will be on what i learned and heard. {else this thing would be even longer than it already is}. after all, i did attend meetings, lectures, and workshops at this conference. did you think i just got to play and explore the whole time?! {who am i kidding, even the conference is a party. get a bunch of artist/teachers around and great things are going to happen.} and as far as art goes in this post, i am only featuring some of the ones that caught my eye. i would love to go into detail on each one but i do not have time for that at all. although, i might go back and do specific posts on some of my favorite artists. enjoy!

landing at jfk

subway picture by emily. i had to get this picture in because let's face it- that scarf is a great color {magenta} and i only wore it that first day.

 just as we entered the hilton hotel.

view from our room on the nineteenth floor.

MoMA {museum of modern art} {favorite}.

 Untitled, Keith Haring.

Sweet Violence, Sanja Ivekovic. {oh hey pregnant venus}.

Untitled, Feliz Gonzalez-Torres. {take candy, eat candy, they refill candy}.

Untitled, Christopher Wool.

Solo Scenes, Dieter Roth.

Three Ball 50/50 Tank, Jeff Koons. no comment...

Untitled, David Shrigley. {love}.

Home is a Foreign Place, Zarina. {love}.

Giant, Mark Bradford. {oh hey look teachers, a little bit of mark bradford!}.

Framework Houses, Hilla & Bernd Becher.

Embryo II, Lynda Benglis. {beeswax=coolest}.

 DeLuxe, Ellen Gallagher. {!}

Eurasia Siberian Symphony, Joseph Beuys. {complete with dead hare}.

Ponder-r-rosa 4, White Plains, Yellow Rocks; Hannah Wilke. 

getting gelato at veniero's. {photo taken by beth lott}.

just brandon making friends with the owner, who gave us a free cannoli. 

 picture with the owner.

nyc streets. straight chillin. {photo taken by keenan grimmer}.

 cami making friends with harlow the dog.

spray paint art. 

don't worry the bunny with webbed feet and a dolphin tail is a puppet...

  times square.

 30 rock.


 Whitney Museum of American Art. {biennial 2012}.

 cutie old man.

performace art. 

 This Could Be Something if I Let it, Dawn Kasper. {living in the whitney for 3 months as a performance/for her studio}.

 Fluid Employment, Sam Lewitt. {COOLEST THING EVER. ferromagnetic liquid over magnetic elements. they MOVED like swaying little creatures.}

Metropolitan Museum of Art.

 it may look like they are pondering upon Maurice de Vlaminck, but really the MET is huge and we were all dying.

 Procession (Exodus), Clinton De Menezes. {model figures}.

 Dusasa II, El Anatsui. {aluminum, copper, plastic}.

Untitled, Anish Kapoor.

Spectrum V, Ellsworth Kelly.

Narva, Jean Tinguely. {it moved}.

Mark, Chuck Close. {in acrylic=amazing}.

So Cal, Robert Irwin. 

 taxi ride.

TASK Party with Oliver Herring

"All TASK structures, the events, parties and workshops rely on the same basic infastructure: a designated area (usually but not necessarily made from construction paper), a variety of props and materials (cardboard, plastic bags, pencils, tables cling wrap, tape, markers, ladders…) and the participation of people who agree to follow two simple, procedural rules: to write down a task on a piece of paper and add it to a designated “TASK pool,” and, secondly, to pull a task from that pool and interpret it any which way he or she wants, using whatever is on (or potentially off) stage. When a task is completed, a participant writes a new task, pulls a new task, and so on.
TASK’s open-ended, participatory structure creates almost unlimited opportunities for a group of people to interact with one another and their environment. TASKs’ flow and momentum depend on the tasks written and interpreted by it’s participants. In theory anything becomes possible. The continuous conception and interpretation of tasks is both chaotic and purpose driven. It is a complex, ever shifting environment of people who connect with one another through what is around them. It is also a platform for people to express and test their own ideas in an environment without failure and success (TASK always is what it is) or any other preconceptions of what can or should be done with an idea or a material. People’s tasks become absorbed into other people’s tasks, objects generated from one task are recycled into someone else’s task without issues of ownership or permanence."

take a task, write a new task.
 {just a guy standing on the table saying something for a task}.

complete task, and repeat. 

 emily made a robot head. {that was actually a task i wrote coincidentally}.

so much art supplies. towers. paint. colored everything. paper. artists. tasks.

 brandon, keenan {making sunshine}, and courtney.

 brandon wearing a cape and cavorting around the room.

 yeah i ate it.

i made her a hat.

 and created a dreadful homonym.

and made myself a wedding dress from paper. {rose curtesy of a fellow tasker}.

me, Oliver Herring, and emily.

people sang, played dead, read poetry, hugged strangers, wore turbans, created forts, made yellow-brick roads, flew around the room with paper wings, kissed others' cheeks with paint on their lips, knocked over towers, played games, danced, etc. everyone let go, created, interacted, and it was incredibly fun.

 Guggenheim at sunset to finish a wonderfully busy day.

ice cream truck + a very long line. 

 building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

 isn't the moon just breathtaking?

 Choices, John Chamberlain. {sculptural show full of beautiful sculptures made from the metal of automobiles. unfortunately no picture taking is allowed so go here to view them}.

In Memory, Kabir Mohanty & Vikram Joglekar. 
{every step would release a memory of sound from a park. loved it}.

just sitting on john chamberlain's foam couch.

gave this guy money. he was gooood.

LOVE by Robert Indiana.

 hot chocolate and a walk through central park on sunday morning.

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
{manhattan temple/chapel where we had sacrament}.

 lunch at Glen Nelson's.

 ingredients included pesto, mozzarella, pineapple, fresh bread, and let's not forget blood orange soda. greatest lunch ever.

 and afterwards, the windy waterfront + brooklyn bridge.

lady liberty.

 Starnes subway murals.

emily making friends on the subway.

and that's all for now. 
come back later for more posts on the conference part of it.


Steve and Donna said...

wow- that was alot of pictures so I can tell you enjoyed yourself and you look very uptown with your attire :)

The Thompson Family said...

Very cool Andrea!! One of my favorites was the "Task" activities. Very awesome idea!!! I love all the pictures and I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself ;) I'm totally loving your blog!! :) me=andrea's follower.