Sunday, March 11, 2012


last month i finished my [block] ceramic fundamentals class last month. thank goodness. {i am now in sculpture as well as 3d design}. here are some of my pieces, many of which are in really bad lighting, and i have no desire to take pictures of the final product of some of these either. oh well.

 manmade: owl earring

 manmade: pillow

organic: mustache installation

 these took a really long time. each of them are hollow and i couldn't let them dry all the way so i could put black slip over them to scraffio texture on them. i had 15 in total, i wanted 30 but after spending all weekend with them there was no way. 
after firing them, glazing them, and then firing them again, some of the hole i put in them closed up with glaze so i had to use a mason bit to re-drill the holes. and miraculously none of them cracked. 

i then spent the night trying to figure out the best way to tie knots in fishing line so i could hang them from the ceiling. i am no fisher...i always felt bad for the fish and even when i did go fishing my dad tied the knots for me. so what did i do? just tied a bunch of knots. the picture above is 3 different shots of what it looked like hanging in the classroom the day of critique. they are now in my apartment waiting to be hung. they were awesome and i am still pleasantly surprised that they came out just how i planned. 

 organic: bubbles? molecules? lots of tiny hollow spheres.

 a shot of my unglazed mustaches, fired organic, and wet final piece. the final was an enlargement of the organic piece and measured to 22 inches. one of the spheres was literally as big or bigger than my head. it took a lot of work getting it all to stay together and not cave in.  

 then i get a an email saying some of the piece had blown up in the kiln. i go in to check and i see that one of them is mine. great. i had built it so carefully...but i was told i had some bubbles trapped in the clay. {i heard that one of the professors heated the kiln too quickly, so that is my theory of why it exploded}. the biggest sphere was irreparable. but after grinding down the edges and glueing them together with this stuff strong enough to repair a car, it kinda looked something like its old self. 

 so i used the only colors of spray paint they really had since i couldn't re-fire it. and voilĂ .

 some of you have seen my mini diana before right? well this it but less mini with a ribbon added on. manmade: camera. 

in total: 7 pieces. {i already posted about the raku}.
definitely don't miss the long nights covered in dust and clay. but then again i live in fear of chopping my finger off in sculpture and 3d design. i am currently bronze casting, carving alabaster stone, and welding steel. until then. 

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