Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the everglades: a slow moving river.

airboats, boardwalks, mangroves, rednecks, sawgrass, wetlands.  
{christmas break 2011}. 

family in town {especially nieces and nephews} always constitutes a trip to the everglades, alligators & other wildlife most definitely included. after all these years i finally think they are beautiful. took me long enough. and contrary to popular belief the everglades are not a stagnant swamp but a slow moving river of sawgrass {marsh} that empties into the ocean {and does indeed include swamps}. 

 see it? there is an alligator right in the middle.

the smallest post office in the united states.

all photographs: mini diana, 35mm  film, 400iso.
location: the everglades & shark valley, south florida.

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