Thursday, March 29, 2012

deep into the mountain sound.

the band "of monsters and men" has been setting my soul swooning for the past week. any cocktail of female and male vocals with folk influences will do that to me.
not to mention i am also infatuated with monsters right now.
{and how great is the music video for their song "little talks"?!} 

also check out "your bones"

and "king and lionheart"

then pre-listen to their entire new album "my head is an animal" via NPR.
{i also recommend "mountain sound" and "dirty paws"}.
really just go listen to all of it right now.

{ps- iceland. i need to visit that beautiful country. it produces great music, like bjork & of monsters and men. plus, icelanders believe in elves. two good reasons, when i only needed one. i'm sold.}

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