Thursday, March 15, 2012

descriptive lines + fleeting and not-so-fleeting impressions.

look what i made today! silk screen prints on a t-shirt and a tote! i'm pretty happy about it. i am kinda a lot obsessed with triangles right now. {the tote got crayon on it unfortuantely, so that's why is looks a little dirty. anddd the middle section of the line didn't come out all the way. third time's a charm}.
{machine used: yudu, image used: original drawing}


will lamson held a lecture at byu's museum of art tonight as a special guest speaker. i think he is just great.  here are some of my favorite works of his, and if you want to check out the rest, go here

A Line Describing the Sun. (melted earth in the Mojave Dessert). 

your first impression is to laugh, because it is quite funny. even though you anticipate the balloons, each unexpected pop still makes you and him jump. but when you watch it there are these tender moments where will and the balloon are in equilibrium. the balloon is floating and his breath is sustaining it- it's intimate. then the inescapable happens- will runs out of breath and the balloon falls towards his face, bringing a resounding pop once more. 

and then there are these drawings made by things like the sea, a kite, a tree, etc. wind and water automatically make the marks. it's a beautiful idea. art and nature working together, as it should be. the energy not only shapes grand art objects like cliffs and mountains, but it also is used to translate that movement and life into less permanent art. {excuse the blurry screen shots}.

this is probably one of his most well-know pieces. because it is great {of course}. he hunts shoes in brooklyn with a razor bow & arrow, gathers them, and then replaces them with the shoes he is wearing, all on a bike. it is the act of making visible but invisible marks. he is changing the environment, but only slightly. 

you will just have to go watch it on his site since i can't find a youtube clip. i love the simplicity of this video. he just bounces a white orb around. it is quiet as the celestial sphere slowly fades into the distance as he tries to keep up with its movement. { i suppose i might like it so much because it reminds me of when i lit thai lanterns in chiang rai}. 

also, i just got three rolls of film back today from the developer, so look forward to those posts! and i promise to blog about the naea conference in new york asap. and by asap i mean hopefully tomorrow. happy weekend. 

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