Sunday, July 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Maybe it looks like travelling is all fun and games but it's definitely not. Not saying that I don't love it, because I do, but there are definitely the downsides. Like sleeping in airports, being broke, and having to go through lots of airports and train stations- but you don't really see that on my blog because who wants to see pictures of that? Me and Dezi had booked a hostel to stay at when we got into London because we weren't parting ways till the next morning but they wouldn't let us stay there because of the late check in (thank goodness we emailed them ahead of time) but it was too late to stay anywhere else so we had no choice but to sleep in the airport. And it wasn't even the real part of the airport but the part right after baggage claim so there were few bench seats and most of them were taken by the other people camping there for the night. Without going into too much detail it was a pretty awful night, we got barely any sleep, and I would never wish to do it again, but sometimes it happens and you have to make sacrifices if you want to have experiences like going to Italy.

I wish the bad parts ended there but they don't {and I know I will have more of them as I go to Thailand in four days}. The next morning I took the train back into London Liverpool and connected to Victoria to pick up my luggage. And with huge suitcase in tow I went to King's Cross to board a train to Leeds to see my sister. It was a long ride and I still barely got any rest but the unfortunate events continued as my sister couldn't pick me up and I had no phone and no internet. I used a pay phone and took a train to Pannal where she could pick me up and everything turned out fine in the end. But it's getting to the finish line that is hard- you just have to keep telling yourself all that dragging your 60 pound suitcase up flights of stairs, not showering, living out of a backpack, getting a couple hours of sleep each night, and really sketchy hostels are worth it...and they are.

I'm not trying to be dramatic, but sometimes it is hard and I wish I could be bored at home- working, sleeping, and being a beach bum- but the truth is even though I feel that way sometimes, I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. I have seen and done amazing things with amazing people, and even if I travel to these places again someday it will never be the same. I am only 18/19 once and this is a heck of a lot of experiences for someone my age, but I am ready for it and the things I am not ready for help build character. So would I recommend you do things like this at least once in your life? Of course, but once you've done it, don't do it again {haha kidding, just do it properly in real hotels and take it a bit slower}.

And what did I do once i got to my sister's? I showered and slept a lot. And the next day I played video games, watched three movies, ate pizza and rootbeer, and chilled on the couch. It was a perfect day and exactly what I needed, because somedays are more productive when you are doing absolutely nothing.

this is my mind on drugs.
{also known as late nights blogging behind my beautiful mac}

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