Sunday, July 24, 2011

ELEPHANTs and thai massages

Saturday we slept in and then went to a place near chiang rai to ride elephants. me and lauren rode one together and her name was mayday {although probably spelled differently}. our guide was way cool too and took pictures for us and spoke a little english. before i rode i fed one of the elephants bananas and sugar canes {which she thanked me for by rubbing mud all over my leg haha}. it was a pretty long ride and we even got to sit on the neck too. they took us up into the mountains a bit and it was gorgeous. and to end the ride it poured rain. seriously the best thing ever though, i love the rain in thailand. after that we went straight to get thai massages which is a full body thing and it felt so good but i definitely need to get another one for sure. then dinner and ice cream of course.

feeding it

paul & mitch, aubrey & manasa

our guide

props to lauren for taking this awesome picture for me!  

i loved riding elephants but this makes me sad.


Steve and Donna said...

cool pictures- I would love to do this too! Glad you finally got to go :)

Amber said...

what is going on with the elephant in the last picture? did they leave it out or something?

xoxo, andrea said...

he wasnt being used so he was chained up :(