Monday, July 11, 2011

BIENVENUE en FRANCE {days 1&2}

The next morning we took the chunnel to the france, drove to paris and dropped of amber&ben to enjoy a couple of kid-free romantic days. {as my mom, who is bad at driving, drove around the arc du triomphe, in the craziness that is no lanes or rules, amber closed her eyes and exclaimed "i am going to poop my pants!" made my day worth so much more}. when they parted it was a bit dramatic...nate had a mental break down and screamed/cried for like an hour sooo we went over to the eiffel tower really quickly and then booked it out of paris to our next place.
{if you are curious as to why we didn't stay in paris read this}

we were staying at a cute little cottage in the middle of nowhere that served a delicious french breakfast while the sun was streaming through the windows. that morning we visited the château in the town of Saint-Fargeau.

i was the one driving that which was kind of confusing because in france they drive on the right side like in america but we were using a british car, so i was driving on the right side of the car too, but i got the hang of it eventually. so we drove to the next place which was a castle under construction. they were rebuilding it from the foundation up to show people what a working castle looked like. it had blacksmiths, animals, and tons of school children on field trips in the BLAZING HOT SUN. it was crazy hot in france the first couple of days we were there {and cooled down later from a rain storm thankfully}.

 and then we passed a windmill on the way to lunch

when we got to the town our hotel was in we took a break from the heat and then went back out to give the boys a ride on the carousel. then we walked around town and i got stung. twice. and my arm stung all night. so great.


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Steve and Donna said...

seems we're posting the same pics at the same time- but you have covered it well :)