Friday, July 22, 2011


Last Days in Harrogate, England.
I spent around a week at my sister’s before I left for Thailand and basically I just chilled the whole time- blogging, watching movies, and shopping. I did like a shopping spree at Primark so I could buy as much cheap clothes as I could before I had to leave Europe and sent like 6 pairs of oxfords home {i have a problem}. One of the last days I was there we went to Harewood House which is a manor with gardens and a bird sanctuary. They have penguins there too. so awesome. 

also known as a freaking rooster. that's for you amber.

butt shot. this ones for you mom.
kay. now onto thailand baby.


Steve and Donna said...

thanks my dear ;)

Amber said...

hahaha...I'm still laughing about the front and "back" shot. Nice. Oh, and you forgot to add the sound affects for that one crazy bird..."Wooowoooo!