Saturday, July 9, 2011

VENEZIA continued...

We went back to the city to find a ride on the cheaper version of the gondola called a traghetto but none of them were open and running, so we wandered around the city for the rest of the morning and then had lunch near the water. We then returned to Lido (the island we were staying on) and rented bikes. We rode down the whole coast of the island and stopped at a beach called Bagni Alberoni. The beaches in here are a dark gold color and because it is so hot in Venice the sand will burn your feet if you don't wear shoes. We got popsicles and walked in the water to cool off. The sky was a perfect shade of blue that day and even though it was so hot, it was a beautiful summer day. We rode back into town, got some gelato, took the bus back to our hostel to check out, and then took the bus-boat to the train station. We ate some dinner, walked around for a little bit to say goodbye to Venice and I got my last (and 14th) gelato in Italy. We took a bus to take us to the airport. We boarded our flight to back to London and said goodbye to Italy.

recognize this building? this is where they filmed part of the movie The Tourist.


you see that sky? TALK ABOUT BLUE! {ten points if you caught that emperor's new groove reference}
because the beach is so hot they have little huts you can rent out. also notice the extremely tan old guy in a speedo...welcome to italian beaches. 

there were dead jellyfish all over the beach


i heart bike rides. a lot. 
GELATO #13 banana & melon 
where we were staying 
the plaza outside our door 
bus. stop. 
andddd GELATO #14 chocolate {of course}
thanks for everything italy.


Amber said...

Rocky road? Sloth love chunk.

p.s.- my security word was "chigli"...sounds like your thighs after eating lots of gelato ;)

p.s.s.- you're welcome

xoxo, andrea said...

how rude :P