Sunday, July 10, 2011

NINETEEN YEARS (+ Father's Day + Sheep)

So I recently {june 18th} had a birthday andddd I turned 19 folks! finally. I was the youngest one on the study abroad and everytime someone found out I was 18 they'd be all surprised like "really?! you're so young!" yeah that was getting old so I welcome 19 in with open arms. My sister is a diy queen and decorated beautifully for my birthday, complete with an english tea party and a gorgeous ruffle cake. {thank you amber!} 

see spencer in the back? yeah he is asking for more chocolate. smart kid.
triple chocolate? yeah we are sisters.
mini quiche. mhm.

with amber, the girl wonder herself.

Then that evening my parents got in from their flight and we ate dinner at da pub!

and then the next day it was father's day! and i got my dad a tie while i was in scotland (a specific type) because that is all he will wear. ever. my whole life i have never seen him wear other types of ties, not even a byu one and that is saying something.

and when i wasn't blogging, sleeping, and watching movies we explored the countryside footpaths around harrogate just seconds from their house. lots of gorgeous fields filled with sheep, horses, and cows- my favorite. all I needed was for Mr. Darcy to ride in on a white horse...but you can't have everything, even if it is your birthday. sigh.

wellies provided by amber 

ma rents 

fresh. mmm lovely.

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