Monday, July 11, 2011

B Σ Λ U N Ξ ➷ {+ Disneyland Paris}

before we left the town of Beaune we went to the Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu which was a hospital for the poor and the soldiers at one point i believe. now it is a museum and houses Rogier van der Weyden's polyptych The last Judgement.
the roofing is so cool.

on the way to the next little town/château we stopped by a little church with a cemetery. the château was closed for lunch so went and found a place to eat our picnic in a spot with an amazing view overlooking the countryside of france. and then...two school groups came out of nowhere and sat right in our spot. eh whatever. after we ate we walked down a forest path, explored the town a little bit and then moved on to the next place.

my mom is...a goof.

notice the giant mass of children.

and then we stopped by another church and passed by another beautiful château. 

and drove like crazy to our disneyland hotel called the "dream castle" but really its was a hot hotel with crazy smelly europeans with their even crazier children. but not really because a lot europeans are really quiet...expect at the disneyland park itself. so we spent two days at disneyland's two parks and it had some unique rides and was pretty cool i guess but my dreams did not come true here, and they still haven't every time i go to any disney park. i tried to give it a chance because i love disney a lot but i was disappointed, because it is a huge rip-off and a lot of waiting in lines. but this time is was worse because the europeans added a whole new level to the word awful. i'll try to keep my rant short. they smelled SO BAD. sooo sooo sooo bad. BO x 1000. like really if you aren't going to shower at least wear deodorant or perfume or something please please please. also they were completely rude (not all of them but most) they cut in line, bump into, never say excuse me, let their children do what ever they want, and basically behaved like animals. craziness. but i hope it was just a disneyland paris thing, so i will give eastern europeans/middle easterns the benefit of the doubt (eh maybe). and people complain about americans?! no no no the americans i saw were a million times better. i think americans just seem worse in england because everyone is much more reserved in public. 

anyway, we went on some fun rides and the kids loved it, so thats what matters. i actually loved space mountain and thunder mountain because they updated them to be better. moral of the story: i will not go back there but it was an interesting experience. i guess.

he smelled like wet dog. poor guy.
our only group picture i think...
fake hollywood is in the back
those are days 3, 4, & 5 for ya.

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