Sunday, May 15, 2011

DAY 18: Portobello Road & The London Eye

SO, yesterday was Saturday, which means that I HAD to go to Portobello Road. I went last time I was in London but that was three years ago so I have been dying to go since I got here. Last week's attempt failed so yesterday we got up early to go at 9am when it opened. It is huge, full of treasures waiting to be discovered especially for me, and I plan on going back to discover all of them. This trip was to scope it out mainly and go back later, particularly to take lots of pictures when I am alone and have all the time in the world. However I did by clear-ray ban-framed glasses and a lovely dress covered in a cat pattern, yes cats. Next time I plan on finding a watch.

Us on Portobello wearing our glasses. And what would a hipster photo be without serious faces? Apparently Preston needs to work on his look a little bit more but we have a month left to train him, so not to worry.
We then, like the studious kids we are came back to the flat to work on homework, and I use the term work loosely. In the process I ate about 1/3 of and ice cream carton...but in my defense it has a light and fluffy texture so it is more on the cream side. But I found that is you wear intellectual glasses whilst writing a paper you focus 28% more. True fact. And I shouldn't fail to mention that I went to bed at four am the previous night, which means that not only did stumble around while walking all day, but I also had the attention span and thought process of a four year old all day. 

Next stop, THE LONDON EYE. For £18 we not only got to ride the Eye all the way round, but we got a once-in-a-lifetime 4D adventure included for free. A trip above the grand city of London complete with seagulls, mist, rain, snow, fog, and fireworks. All joking aside, I actually did think it was pretty cool and if you looked at me during it my mouth was probably open as I tried to grasp onto the fake 3D seagull. While Holly, the whole time, exclaimed something to the effect of "I don't understand! Why is this happening to me? Is this real life?!" She is great. {train of thought: this is a long post...i am going into more detail than usual, but as i am not behind in posting and it is not late at night i will use as much space as i desire} So we eventually boarded the giant ferris wheel in the form of a capsule. {plus this is my only form of journal so i need the details. also, because of my impatient nature i just burnt my tongue on quiche} There were 6 of us and two other couples in the pod. As we creeped higher and higher the sun started to set over the city and it was gorgeous. Seeing things from above is always better. It gives you a full layout of where everything is and a bird's eye view and birds can fly and I have always wanted to fly. So yes I enjoyed it. Get ready for a lot of pictures. (The ones stolen from Carolyn, will say so). 
^Taken by Carolyn (her blog here)

Also the next three are Carolyn's

Carolyn, Preston, Amber, Holly, Me, Amberly

Proudly wearing my indie glasses

We passed by a merry-go-round on the walk back and then while the others went inside to use the loo me and Carolyn bought these little toffee wafers, they were gooood. 

song of yesterday: The Heart of Life by John Mayer

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