Sunday, May 8, 2011

LONDON: DAY 11. The Globe, Borough Market, Celebrity Sightings, & Hyde Park.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. Our class took a tour of the Globe Theatre and the Rose Theatre as well. Our tour guide told us not to get caught taking pictures inside because there were actors rehearsing at the moment and that was policy. As we were walking into the Globe I looked up at the actors and was the first one to gasp "OH MY GOSH THAT'S GEOFFREY FROM THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR!" as I gripped onto the person next to me. And it rapidly spread until all of us were whispering excitedly and trying to sneak pictures. I tried to get one but failed. Until later in the tour we passed him out back in the alleyway smoking and I got a good picture.
In the Globe

The Globe

Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey)
After the tour we decided to go to Borough Market down the street. They had samples out and the bread was so good. I ended up getting chocolate goat's milk ice cream- it was creamy and actually better than I thought it would be. Then we all got separated somehow and eventually I came home to do some funnn.

Once we all met up again at the flat we decided to go to Hyde Park. OH BUT WAIT! Before that we one of our flatmates told us Anne Hathaway was doing a photoshoot down the street! So we ran down there and watched it, but they didn't let us take pictures. But still, so cool! Now back to the park...It was even more lovely than last time, if that's even possible. We talked, played frisbee, walked down to the Serpentine and then saw the Peter Pan statue. In the water there was an evil swan that went after this cute little wiener was entertaining though haha.

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Steve and Donna said...

seems every day is a new and fun adventure for you. Must be hard to actually study (hah).