Friday, May 6, 2011

LONDON: DAY 10. The National, The Mews, & The Scandal.

Today our class had a tour at the National Theatre in Southbank, London. Can I just say that I love love love that theatre? And of course, I didn't bring my DLSR, which means being the photo snob that I am I took like a total of two pictures there today because all I had was my point and shoot and it takes bad quality photos. Ridiculous. Lesson learned, regret felt, I will never do that again. The National is a more recent building, beautifully designed, and modern. We also got to go back stage and see the production work as well as props. Southbank is so cool. They have fake beach right on the platform overlooking the Thames. And they also have an art festival up right now as well as book sales, cafes, and a skate park in the middle of it all that artists freely tag (which I have decided to do before I leave). I am going back soon, hopefully tomorrow, and will take lots of pictures to make up for it.
Stolen from the wonderful Carolyn
Artists. Tagging. So cool.
Then we went to Buckingham Palace to take a tour of the Royal Mews...we saw the carriage from the wedding and some of the horses. And then me and Carolyn ended the day by reading "The School For Scandal" for class in Hyde Park...not the best play in the world. It takes place around the same time as Jane Austen but it's just about frivolous gossips, so yes my time was wasted. But not to worry the park was sunny and lovely.
A golden carriage. GOLDEN.

Coachman, the Royal horse with a velvet nose.
The lovely Carolyn reading in Hyde Park.

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