Sunday, May 29, 2011

DAYS 32 & 33: Family, Wax, and Westminster Abbey

So my sister Amber, her husband Ben, and their two sons Nate and Spencer came to visit me Saturday! They only live a couple hours north and I will be visiting them for a little while this summer before I go to Thailand. So excited. So we went to Camden Market, Madam Tussad's Wax Museum, Sherlock Holmes' house on Baker Street, and Kensington Gardens. Camden was a little sketchy especially with the football (soccer) game drunks (Manchester vs Barcelona {pronounced barTHelona}, Barcelona won). I got Indian food for lunch though. The wax museum was super crowed and eh but interesting in a weird way I guess. And before we went to the park we got chocolate ice cream, a necessary addition to any day. The boys played at the Diana playground- it was a huge ship on sand. Pretty cool. Then it rained so I sent them off after we ate a little Burger King. Classy and delicious.
ps- my point and shoot camera's screen is broken :( i dropped it in madam tussad's but i think it still takes pictures, however i had amber take all the pics for me so when i get those from her i will post them up on the blog.
Here are the only pictures I have from the day:
Daniel Radcliff
Orlando Bloom
We had stake conference today- a broadcast from SLC to the UK and Ireland from L.Tom Perry and President Monson. Later in the day some of us went to Evensong at Westminster Abbey. It was really interesting and the Abbey is absolutely beautiful. It was mostly singing from the choir but there were a few sermons in between. Most of the time my eyes were glued to the ceiling or the stained glass windows- I could not get enough of them. There are also a lot of famous people buried there like authors, philosophers, and royalty. And the coolest part? Yeah that's right, walking where Kate and Will had just gotten married. We then had a missionary fireside from the guys in the program (all three of them haha) and then I planned my trip to Italy with our little group! I finally worked out a return flight. Whew. So stressful and complicated. But we are doing two days in Rome, two days in Florence, and a day and half in Venice. And then I fly out of Venice to London. It is going to be amazing.
ps- We took pictures at Westminster but I don't have access to those yet either so I will post those later with the other pictures.

From the internet, but here just in case you wanted to see what it looks like
Also an amazing blog post to go along with my past day at Dover, it is great so watch it and you won't regret it! here's the link:

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