Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 9: Primark and Little Eagles

Yesterday I decided I needed a shopping day. I had been cold and finally needed a coat of some sort (of course now that I bought one it has been warm outside...). So I went to Primark. Craziest place ever. It was huge, full of cheap clothes/accessories/shoes, and incredibly busy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven...if heaven had mile long lines for the fitting rooms. Anyway, moral of the story: America can't touch the London shopping scene.

That evening our group went to the Hampstead Theatre to see the play "Little Eagles". It took place in the USSR during the time after WWII when they were in a space race with the United States. I actually liked it a lot. It had a lot of harsh language but it made you think, ask yourself hard questions, and become aware of the situations they faced- and to me that makes a piece of art successful. I also thought the set was beautifully made and that most of the actors did a really great job in conveying emotion.


Steve and Donna said...

looks fun- is that your new coat? :)

xoxo, andrea said...

yes it is! it isn't really thick or anything but i like it :)

Amber said...

i looooove Primark! I shop there all the time! I can't believe how cheap, yet awesome their stuff is! :)