Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Days 6, 7, & 8. China Town, Museums, and The Globe.

Time to play catch up...I have had jam-packed days lately and that combined with homework equals no time to blog. This will be three days in one, so I'll keep it as short as possible.

We went to down to Soho and wandered through China town, looking at bookstores, souvenirs, and lots of roasted duck. We then accidentally came upon Brewer Street on the way to a park...which we discovered to be the red light district of London...I will spare you the details of but lets just say some of the Utahan's virgin eyes were a bit tainted hahaha cracked me up. After spending some time in the park a few of us went to buy our Phantom of the Opera tickets and ate chinese while we waited for it to start. I really enjoyed the show and thought some of the voices were amazing as well as the set :)

Even in China Town the are celebrating the Royal Wedding
Soho park! I love these girls :)
I had to wait forever to get this picture
Our class met at the British Library to look at some important artifacts, especially books. My favorite by far was Jane Austen's journal and here writing desk! The Beatles' song lyrics on pieces of paper and birthday cards comes in second. We also got to see the Magna Carta, Handel's Messiah, the Guttenberg Bible, and the oldest complete New Testament. Afterwards we went to the National Portrait Gallery to view some paintings from the time period of Shakespeare. Afterwards I laid in the grass in Trafalgar Square and ate ice cream. We then headed over to the Globe Theatre to watch All's Well That End's Well for our Shakespeare class. It was good and I am glad I saw it but the Globe is an open air theatre so I was FREEZING. Spring here is nice, but I HATE THE WIND! Especially since I didn't bring any coats :( but not to worry, tomorrow I am going shopping haha. And we also got to walk across the Millennial Bridge from St. Paul's Cathedral, where the opening scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince takes place :D

National Gallery

St. Paul's Cathedral
The Millennial Bridge

The Globe
Today we had class and went over over papers on The Tempest, and talked about Little Eagles (a modern play we are about to see). Afterwards a group of us went on the Big Bus Tour for a couple of cold and windy hours in addition to a boat ride on the Thames. Again, I hate the wind :( And tonight after I am done blogging I have to write a paper on All's Well That End's Well...oh the joy of homework in London...not.

The Tower Bridge

On the bus :)
The London Eye and Parliament


Steve and Donna said...

glad to see your daily activities- wow- you are staying busy. Sorry about the coat situation!

audrey said...

wow this really brings back my memories of London... :( I did all those same things, went to the same places. Isn't it amazing? Except I was there during summer so no wind.... ahhhhh haha :)

Amber said...

jealous...I need to go to the Library to see the Jane Austen stuff!