Sunday, May 29, 2011

There'll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover

Yesterday myself and three other lovely ladies took a train two hours south to Dover to see the castle and the cliffs. While there I knew there was a song about Dover and I had even sung it earlier in the month when someone had mentioned they were going there, but all day I could not think of it. It loomed over me all day so when I came home and finally listened to it I had a realization. I had listened to that song in my dad's car a million times before. He loves all things history, war, and of course castles, so he had bought a WWII CD of music and played it all the time. At one point I could word for word quote Churchill's speech along with him in the car. So here is the song, White Cliffs of Dover by Vera Lynn, who sounds exactly like Snow White.

The Dover Castle was pretty cool and I think I enjoyed it the most out of all the castles I've been to so far in Great Britain (not France though). It was barely crowded at all and the lack of supervision meant you could explore more freely without tour guides hovering. We went in the hospital world war II tunnels and the medieval tunnels as well, and then looked in the towers, one of which was beautiful and reminded me of the sword fighting scene from the Princess Bride. So naturally we acted it out and filmed scenes to accompany it revolving around a story Camille made up while she and Lauren pretended to be princesses all day, megan as a prince, and myself as the friar. After being there for hours we went down to the beach and took pictures of the white cliffs and I touched and tasted the English Channel.

But when the dawn comes up

There'll be bluebirds over

The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

There'll be love and laughter

And peace ever after
When the world is free

Song of the Day: May It Be by Enya

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