Friday, May 27, 2011

LONDON: Days 26-30

Church. Hyde Park. Fireside about everyone's trips.

Class. Then we went to Hampstead to get the best crêpes ever- spinach, ham, and cheese. We were basically re-doing the same day from a couple weeks ago but with more people. So then we went to the High Gate Cemetery in the day so it would be open. The tombstones were covered in vines and surrounded by huge green trees, it was so serene and beautiful. There was a fox meandering through the graves watching us slyly. We saw Karl Marx's grave as well. Afterwards we went back to the same crêpe stand and got sweet crêpes this time- mine contained maple syrup, nuts, and cream. We came home, grocery shopped and then I probably did homework.

Woke up at like 12 in the afternoon. Glorious. Saw Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe. And it was so good. We then got Thai food and the best chocolate ice cream I have probably ever had. And that is saying something. One because my favorite food is chocolate ice cream and two because I have had a lot  of ice cream in my life from many different places. Basically I did nothing that day it was great. But yet I still ended up going to bed incredibly late because I was writing a paper.

Class. Then on to one of my most perfect days here in London. Art Museums. I forgot how much I love art while I have been here studying theatre. I have been neglecting that area of my artistic inclinations because I have been so focused on performance art. We went to the National Gallery and I seriously could have spent all day in there studying and gazing at paintings. They are beautiful and amazing. When I saw pieces by Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet I will admit that I cried a little bit. I have even seen those pieces before, in that same museum, but they still take my breath away every time. By this point I had long lost Amberly and Lauren and was quite content to wander through the galleries alone, but eventually by a miracle we ran into each other later and they let me finish up looking at it (quicker this time) but I still need to go back and see a few more things. Afterwards we stopped for chocolate cake at a patisserie and ate by a fountain (but me and Amberly had to go buy pints of milk to drink, of course). We then headed over to the Tate Modern and saw some Picasso, Lichtenstein, Warhol, and Polluck. But it closes at 6 so we were only there for like 15 minutes before we got kicked out so I will definitely be going back to that one as well. Next we walked down the Thames towards Southbank where our show was playing that night. We looked around again, got some food and then went in for the show- One Man, Two Guvnors. It was slap-stick humor, some tasteless, some silly, all predictable. Most of our class were in stitches laughing the whole time, but I however laughed very very little. I still don't know why I found none of it funny, but I really did not enjoy the show. I guess predictable low humor just doesn't do it for me. I again did homework when I got home and went to bed very late.

We met at Kew Gardens as a class to tour it for the day. It was huge! It featured gardens with plants from all over the world including a pagoda. And then of course the second day in London that it pours rain it is when we were outside in gardens all day. I got soaked, through and through. It was a fun experience though and right as we got to the tree top walkway it stopped and got sunny for a few minutes so that we could look over the foliage and take pictures. I was so glad when we got home and I ate pizza in my warm and dry pajamas. After finishing up some homework we stopped by and got some more of that delicious ice cream before seeing another show called Silence, a devised theatre piece. It was very interesting and I ended up liking it a lot. It really makes you think about your aural stimuli and has made me more aware of the sound around me. The show did some amazing things with sound, lighting, and set/scene changes- it was captivating. I then again in attempt to catch up on blogging went to bed at 4am. Yay for me.

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Song of the Day: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

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