Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travel Week Day 3: IRELAND's Garden

So for all of our sakes we decide to sleep in a little bit and meet for breakfast at like 9am. We hadn't planned anything for the day but knew that we wanted to get out of Dublin and see some pretty countryside because Dublin definitely does not make us feel like we are in Ireland. After looking through some very unhelpful travel guides and talking to the people at the hostel we decide we want to go to the Wicklow Mountains National Park where Braveheart and PS I Love You were filmed. It supposedly contains lakes, waterfalls, forest trails, and beautiful scenery. However we were too late for the tours and decided that we were just going to take a bus to the town of Wicklow and then somehow make it to the park even though they said there was no public transport out there. After much confusion getting bus tickets (like I said nobody knows anything there and the info desks help you as little as possible) we didn't leave Dublin till like 11:30ish. We get to Wicklow and it takes us forever to find a place to eat and we all take our time with our food so we don't leave there until like 3pm. (I convinced Preston to eat a napkin drenched in salt&vinegar for a milkshake while we were there- entertainment at its finest). We find out only taxis take you out to the park and they cost a lot a lot, so we try and find somewhere closer and settle on going to Mount Usher Gardens in Ashford. Yes, we went to Usher's gardens. They were gorgeous and we spent a few hours in there filling the air with Disney songs while frolicking through the flowers. Afterwards we took the bus back, ate, and went to bed.

Song of the Day: Mirando by RATATAT

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